Incident & Ejection Policy

BACSAC acknowledges that interscholastic competition is first and foremost a
privilege. The conference also recognizes that sport participation has the potential to positively impact the life of a student-athlete and the school in which they represent. Therefore, the conference expects each school to share and uphold the league’s code of ethics and also support the Principles of Pursuing Victory with Honor.

  • What is an incident report?
    • In the event that a team, athlete, coach, and/or spectator violate the league’s code of ethics, schools are required to report the incident using the league’s incident report link found below.
  • Who should complete an incident report?
    • Only coaches and/or Athletic Directors should complete the Incident and Ejection Report (found below).
  • What happens after I submit an incident report?
    • Please allow for 24-48 hours for the administration to review and comment on the report. Any report that is deemed a violation of the league’s code of ethics, will be handled on a case-by-case basis. In less severe cases, the offending school will be made aware of the incident and will be cautioned. In more serious cases, the offending party may be suspended for multiple games or removed from the league.

BACSAC will handle all occurrences with the utmost respect and ensure a fair process in determining any potential ramifications as a result.

Appeal Process

Only a principal may appeal the league’s ruling in writing using a school letterhead to the League Commissioner. This must be received by the league within 48 hours of the ruling.